ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

Here is a comparison video. You can check out the articulation of the figure in the video, among other comparisons. Do read on for more pictures!

The Figures

I bought this figure together with the ZD Toys Armoured Thanos. Both the figures came in perfect condition, unlike the ZD Toys Hulkbuster 2.0 that I got. I got this one off Aliexpress though, instead of Shopee.

I feel the figure really looks awesome in packaging. The size of the box for these two figures are different though, with Thanos having a bigger box. I had to take them out since the boxes takes up too much space.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

I like the art work on Thanos’ box. Hulk however, has the generic Avengers team shot like most of the other ZD Toys Marvel figures. It would have been great to see the character’s art work on their box.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

Aaaand here is the figure in the clamshell. He comes with an extra pair of open-finger hands.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

Like the other ZD Toy figures, there is an official looking Marvel sticker on the clamshell. Like I mentioned before, I think this is an official Marvel merchandise by the China-based ZD Toys brand.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

Here’s the figure out of the clamshell. The details on the figure is actually amazing, especially on the suit. It is lightly textured and lines and grooves are all straight. The paint work is also on point and it has no bleeding paint or paint chips.

The alternate right had is an open palm and the left is a gripping hand (fingers in gripping position).

Like other ZD Toys figure, he suffers from poor articulation. From the picture above, it can be seen that he lacks a swivel waist joint, bicep swivel, thigh swivel and calf swivel. The mid-torso joint is also useless and serves no purpose as the figure can’t really rotate or use the joint. You can check out my video above for the articulation.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

The back of the figure is as detailed as the front. There are lines sculpted from his butt area to the back of the thigh. Just like the front of the figure, the paintwork at the back is sublime.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

When I bought the figure, there was an option for extra accessories. I opted to get them all, and here they are in the pic. A bag, the time stone, headphones, a bottle of coke and a glass of wine.

The time stone is probably due to him retrieving it from the ancient one in the Avengers: Endgame movie.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

Up close, you can see the textured sculpt of the figure. It really is quite good to me.

The head sculpt is good, but the paintwork is the downfall. He looks sleepy and uninterested. I say that the head sculpt is good because I’ve seen customizers who repainted it and the head actually looks great. So the problem is the paint work on the facial expression.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

Like ZD Toys Hulkbuster 2.0 and Armoured Thanos, this Smart Hulk figure also suffers from ugly joint cuts at the elbow and knees. It’s really such a turn off, considering the details and sculpt on the figure is quite decent.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

Above is a head swap with the smart Hulk BAF head. The peg does not fit but a bit of sticky tack does the trick with no need for additional modification. The head is slightly big, but I feel it still looks ok on the figure. The green skin colour is also slightly off, but negligible in my opinion.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

Above is a size comparison with ZD Toys Armoured Thanos and Smart Hulk BAF.

ZD Toys Armoured Thanos is about the same height, but the Smart Hulk BAF is a good size bigger than the ZD Toys Quantum Suit Hulk.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

You can see how undersized the ZD Toys Hulkbuster 2.0 is. They are about as tall as each other.

ZD Toys Hulk’s size looks better beside the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster.

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

Here’s more size comparison. Although the ZD Toys Quantum Suit Hulk is bigger than normal 6 inch figures, he is on the smaller side when compared to the bigger sized figures. He really should have been a bit bigger.


+ Good textured sculpt and details on quantum suit

+ Decent head sculpt

+ Paintwork on suit is superb

+ Comes with alternate hands

– Poor articulation

– Ugly joint cuts at elbows and knees

– Paintwork on face makes him look bored/sleepy

– Size of the figure is on the smaller side, especially when compared to other bigger sized characters

My Verdict

ZD Toys: Quantum Suit Hulk Review

Overall, I still like the figure. For the price, I guess I’m ok with the flaws of this ZD Toys Hulk. I like the paintwork and details on the suit. The ugly joint cuts are really an eyesore though.

Between the 3 ZD Toys figures above, the Hulkbuster 2.0 is the most undersized.

There’s a Marvel Select Quantum Suit Hulk, which is bigger in size. I’m not a fan of Marvel Select, so I don’t have the figure. You can check out the figure in the link below.

>>You can buy the ZD Toys Hulk Buster here.<<

>>You can buy the ZD Toys Armoured Thanos here.<<

>>You can buy the ZD Toys Quantum Suit Hulk here.<<

>>Check out the Marvel Select Hulk here.<<

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