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The Figure

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

Here’s the Hulkbuster 2.0 that I ordered off Shopee. The package I received was in bad shape; it was not in a shipper box or bubble wrap at all. Luckily the figure was not damaged. Online shopping at Shopee has been a good experience most of the time; this is a one-off bad experience and I’ll definitely avoid this seller in the future.

It must have taken quite an impact for the corner of the clamshell to crush inwards like that.

The back of the box has some Chinese words, and a picture of Hulkbuster 2.0.

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

The other side has Thanos with the infinity gauntlet.

Each of the ZD Toys figure has an official sticker. I’ve heard that this might actually be an official China Marvel toy brand. All their packaging has official looking pictures of the characters from the MCU, and they don’t look faded or blurry like a bootleg packaging usually is.

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

And here’s the figure out of the packaging. The ZD Toys Hulkbuster 2.0 has quite a decent shiny paintwork of red, silver and gold. There a some minute paint chips here and there, but there are not too obvious.

The figure feels quite solid and heavy in hand, unlike the ZD Toys Iron Man Mark 85. This is probably because of the circuitry for the LED lights.

It comes with 2 pair of hands; fists and open palm.

I have seen some listings at Aliexpress (check out my review of AliExpress here)that has included additional accessories (at additional costs duh), which is some sort of canon, to be attached as an alternate hands at the wrist. However, some reviews from buyers said that it doesn’t fit well (or had trouble attaching it), so I decided to not to get those. Shopee sellers does not have the extra accessories option.

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

Here is a back view of the Hulbuster 2.0. It is full of screws; 5 visible screws to be precise. There is also a micro USB port and a button beside it.

I’m still ok with the micro USB port and button, but the screws at the back are unsightly lol. You can see my figure has a visible paint chip slightly above the USB port.

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

Here is a side view of it. All of the figure is hard plastic, but the shoulder pads are actually rubber. Thankfully the paintwork is still shiny and matches the figure.

Another thing that kind of irks me are the feet. The toe area of the feet is just a bit too pointed for an Iron Man armour,

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

Here he is with the alternate open hands. It’s a bit difficult to pop it in.

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

Here is an up close and personal shot of… the screws. Lol. You can see the paint chip clearly above the USB port.

You can also see the amount of details the figure has. It’s actually well sculpted,

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

This is another thing that irks me. Look at the way they cut the knee to form the double hinge knee joint. The right-angled corners look very unnatural and just very unsightly, as if they just slice across the knee in straight lines to make the joint. The back of the elbow joint has the same issue.

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

At the front, there are 4 points of LED light; The arc reactor, left and right side of the arc reactor, and the pair of eyes. They light up quite bright, as you can see in the pic above. The LED light up clearly even under bright light.

Light can be charged through the micro USB port at the back. No batteries are needed.

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

Here is a picture of it in the dark. The neck area also looks bright as the light shines through the gap there.

There is a newer version of him where there is also light at the shin of the leg area,

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

At the back, there is only one point of light which is at the upper back. The light also seeps through the four screw points and the USB port.

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

Size comparison with the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster, Thanos and Iron Man Mk 50. You can see how the ML Hulkbuster towers over the ZD Toys Hulkbuster 2.0. ML Thanos is just as big as the Hulkbuster 2.0. At the very least it is still bigger than ML Iron Man.

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

More size comparison. Smart Hulk BAF is bigger, ZD Toys Armoured Thanos is slightly taller, ZD Toys Quantum Suit Hulk is the same height, and the ML Quantum Suit figures are smaller.

From these comparisons, you can see that the ZD Toys Hulkbuster 2.0 is undersized compared to the big-sized ML figures.


+ Good design and sculpt

+ Feels solid and heavy

+ Paintwork colour scheme is great (red, gold and silver are shiny)

+ LED lights at front and back

+ Comes with alternate hands (and micro USB cable to charge the light)

– A few minor paint chips (for my figure)

– Poor articulation despite have multiple points of articulation

– Ugly joint cuts

– Feet a bit too sharp at the toes area

– Undersized when lined up with other bigger-sized characters

My Verdict

ZD Toys: Hulkbuster 2.0 Review

Above are 3 of the bigger sized characters done by ZD Toys. They have decent sculpt and paintwork, but all of them also suffer from ugly joint cuts and poor articulation.

For Smart Hulk and Hulkbuster, I feel that they are undersized.

For now, the Hulkbuster 2.0 figure is done only by S. H. Figuarts, so this ZD Toys version is decent stand in. I feel he still can pass off when lined up with the smaller figures, but once another bigger-sized character is in the same picture as him, it will look obvious that he is undersized.

Overall, I still like the figure, and the lights are fun to play with and display in vanilla pose. However, if the scale of the figure matters to you, you’re probably better off saving up for the Figuarts version, or wait for Hasbro (if they even release a Hulkbuster 2.0).

>>You can buy the ZD Toys Hulk Buster here.<<

>>You can buy the ZD Toys Armoured Thanos here.<<

>>You can buy the ZD Toys Quantum Suit Hulk here.<<

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