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As mentioned in my ‘About Me’ page, I’ve been collecting for a few years, but I don’t display them due to some constraints at home. The figures end up getting stored in containers.

After a while, I started to think of how to make this hobby of mine more meaningful. There are already a lot of action figure reviews out there, so I decided on this idea of doing comparisons instead and sharing them with other collectors. This way I get to play around with my figures as I take photos of them and at the same time help other Marvel Legends collectors with the comparisons that I post.

Another thing that I thought of is, what if I can make money out of this?

Other toy collectors (or any other hobby for that matter) knows that this hobby of ours does put a hole in our wallets lol. So wouldn’t it be great if we can earn a bit (or a lot!) from our hobby?

After a bit of research in the school of Google (ie I googled about earning online lol), I came across this program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Imagine a school that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, where you can log in at anytime and learn about affiliate marketing and creating websites. The Wealthy Affiliate is simply just that.

Check out the Wealthy Affiliate here!

This www.stillfigurineout.com website is created by me through what I learnt in the Wealthy Affiliate. I’m someone with no background in affiliate marketing, website creation or search engine optimization (SEO). So if I’m able to create this website, so can you!

Learn how to create a website: check

Learn to create content: check

Earn through affiliate marketing: check

Granted I have not earned so much, the fact that I still do earn means it works. However, I do warn that it requires effort, especially in the beginning, before you start earning. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is about learning how to drive traffic to your site and providing value, and then you will start earning.

Above is a screenshot of one of the many things offered in Wealthy Affiliate. The Online Entrepeneur Certification is a 5 level course (each level consisting of 10 lessons), and the Affiliate Bootcamp is another course on promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Besides this, there are also many other separate training done by individuals in the community which is very helpful.

Here is one training that I did on Instagram growth. Check it out here!

You can check out my Instagram too if you have not seen it.

In summary, Wealthy Affiliate is a place when you learn about affiliate marketing, creating websites and search engine optimization, in order to generate some income for yourself.


Of course nothing good is for free (in most cases anyways). To be a premium member and be able to access the full content of the platform, there is a monthly payment. However, for the amount you pay per month, the amount of training/courses you have access to and the services you get is unparalleled to other similar service providers.

When you become a premium member, some of the things that you will get:

  • Free .com domain
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (all 50 Lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp (all 70 lessons)
  • Weekly Training Updates (Tutorials, Videos, Live Classes)
  • Access to SiteManager to create and manage your website
  • Access to All Future Premium Training Content
  • Access to All Expert Blog Posts
  • Weekly live classes

It is really all in one, you don’t have to go for separate services, everything is included in Wealthy Affiliate; web hosting, website builder, training on affiliate marketing/website building/search engine optimization, access to a community of like-minded individual who would help you with any questions.

Now, I can only explain so much, but it would be better if you experience it yourself. So what Wealthy Affiliate offers is also a FREE starter membership! You can sign up and explore the platform, but with limited access. Check out the table below to compare what you have access to as a starter member.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter vs Premium membership

If you are interested in creating some income from your hobby or any other interest, sign up as a starter member to check Wealthy Affiliate out! It is totally free. I guarantee that you’ll be left wanting for more, and you’ll want to sign up to be a premium member.

Premium membership price:




Starter membership price:


Click here for the free Starter account!


If you are on a tight budget, but would really like to try it out what it is like to be a premium member, there is an offer just for the FIRST month at just $19! However, the offer is valid only for the first 7 days after you sign up as a starter member. I highly recommend you to try it out!

Click here for the promotion of $19 for the first month!

If you sign up as premium member for the first month at the discounted price above, and decide not to continue (as it would be $49/month subsequently), you can always cancel your subscription before the end of the month. Otherwise, there will be a monthly deduction as long as you stay premium.

Going for a yearly subscription would save you about 2 months worth of payment.

Alternatively, you can also wait for Black Friday sale some time at the end of the year for a discounted annual rate! (I’m not sure of the exact price, but its definitely lower than the normal $495/year price.)

I would like to reiterate again that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and neither is it a scam. It does, however, comes down to your own effort.

Ready to check it out?

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate!

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