Marvel Legends – Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF Wave) vs Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack)

The Figures

: Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF Wave) Right: Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack)

Here’s Jim Lee’s Tiger Stripe Wolverine from the Apocalypse BAF Wave (2018) and the Love Triangle 3-pack with Cyclops and Jean Grey (2019). Both figures are exactly the same except that they come with a different set of accessories and have different paintwork.

They are a repaint of the brown suit Wolverine from the Juggernaut BAF Wave. Check out my comparison of the brown suit Wolverine with the re-release of the same suit in retro wave here:

And also a comparison of the Hasbro brown suit Wolverine with his Toybiz counterpart here:

The Apocalypse Wolverine is not the first Marvel Legends attempt at the iconic Jim Lee tiger stripe costume. Toybiz has done them before too, check it out here:

Left: Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF Wave) Right: Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack)

The colour scheme of yellow and blue is the same, but the shade of the colour is totally different. Read on below for more comparison!

>>You can buy the Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF Wave) here.<<

>>You can buy the Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack) here.<<


Left: Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF Wave) Right: Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack)

Both figures are of the same height as they are the same. I’d say I’m a bit disappointed for Wolverine not to have any hair on his exposed elbow and bicep area. He’s been known to be a hairy person, lol.

The shade of yellow is darker(almost like mustard) and blue is lighter for the Apocalypse Wolverine. The 3-pack has a striking and bright yellow, with a darker shade of blue.

Left: Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF Wave) Right: Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack)

I thought the head were the same, but there is actually a slight difference around the nose area.

The black edge at the centre of the mask goes straight down to the end of the nose for the 3-pack Wolverine, but that part is different on the nose of the Apocalypse Wolverine.

I do like the expression on this face, it suits his character lol.

Left: Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF Wave) Right: Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack)

The stripe under the armpit is also different.

Apocalypse Wolverine has thinner separate stripes but 3-pack Wolverine has thicker stripes which joins up in the middle.

Both of them have the problem of the shoulder pad being upside down when the hands are brought up, due to the way those pads attach to the arms. Those Toybiz Wolverine figure has a sculpted shoulder pad, and that prevents the arms from being able to swivel up like in the pic above. You can check out their differences here.

Left: Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF Wave) Right: Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack)

Both claws has terrible paintwork, but at least the Apocalypse Wolverine’s claws are grey. The 3-pack claws are whitish and looks very plastic.

Above: Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack)

The 3-pack Wolverine comes with a pair of hands with bone claws. Now that is something new. The sculpt on it is awesome, but the paintwork could have been better. Again, it looks very plastic. A more brown paintwork or maybe a slight brown wash would have made it look so much better in my opinion.

The 3-pack Wolverine does not come with a fist, but you can remove the metal version of the claws. It will leave holes however, but if you angle it properly in a toy photoshoot, I think the holes won’t be seen.

This screaming head from the 3-pack Wolverine is something new. I feel it’s decently done, though the paintwork on those hair patches coming out of the top of the head could have been painted better. You can see the yellow on the hair on the left most picture.

Another thing is that there isn’t any tears or battle damage on the body, so it’s kinda awkward to have a battle damaged look on the head but the body is fine lol.

This unmasked head is a reuse. Mine came with some black paint scruffs on the cheekbone and mouth area. The mask around the neck is also used before in previous versions of Wolverine figures.


Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF Wave):

+ Same body mold as the 3-pack

+ Comes with a pair of clawed hands and a pair of fists

+ Mustard yellow with a lighter shade of blue

+ Stripes under the armpit is narrower and separate

+ Grey metal claw

– Fewer accessories than the 3-pack

Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack):

+ Same body as Apocalypse Wolverine

+ Comes with a pair of metal claw hands, a pair of bone claw hands, screaming head, unmasked head and unfolded mask (to be placed around the neck)

+ Brighter yellow with darker shade of blue

+ Stripes under the armpit is broader and joint together

+ Good sculpt on the bone claws

+ Good sculpt on the screaming head

+ No fists, but the metal claws can be removed to form a fist (though there will be holes)

– White-ish metal claw (looks very plastic)

– Paintwork on the patches of hair on the unmasked head may have paint bleed (mine does)

My Verdict

Above are eight different combinations of the three character. Which of them would you pick to represent your Jim Lee X-men squad?

My choice would be number 3. I prefer the mustard yellow since most of the Marvel Legends X-men figures have that colour. The brighter yellow of the 3-pack is more accurate to the cartoon, but it just doesn’t match the rest of the Marvel Legends X-men figure as much.

Check out my comparison of the Cyclops figures here.

>>You can buy the Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF Wave) here.<<

>>You can buy the Wolverine (Love Triangle 3-pack) here.<<

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