Marvel Legends – Toybiz Green Goblin (Onslaught BAF Wave)

The Figures

Here we have the two variants of the Green Goblin from Toybiz’s Onslaught BAF Wave from waaaay back in 2006. The two variants are the masked and unmasked variant.
Both are the same exact figure except for the head and the right hand.

Even the gliders are exactly the same. They both have the same left hand which has the pumpkin bomb attached permanently.

The main the difference is the masked head, and the unmasked head of Norman Osborn with the mask in his right hand.


I love the masked head. Its really right out of the comic! With a maniacal smile. Looks like he just gave a good goblin laugh.

HaHahHAhahHAHahahAHa! Yeah that sort of laugh.

The Norman Osborn head though; hmm.. Those thick eyebrow doesn’t look that great, kinda too big for his head. He has the Osborn hair. Heh. The mouth though, I think I would prefer a calmer looking Norman Osborn. I guess they are going for a maniac expression for his unmasked face too.

Above is the masked which is attached permanently to his right hand. It has teeth! Haha. Still looks awesome though.


Same exact figure.

Same glider, same body mold and sculpt.

Only difference is the masked head and the unmasked head which holds the masked in the right hand (attached permanently).


My Verdict

I’m getting both because they are essentially different figures (just because of the masked and unmasked head). However, if you are going for the comic version, the masked variant should suffice and would really look good in your Spidey villain collection.

I prefer the masked variant as it really looks like in the comics.

Good luck on finding him at a decent price!

Do drop a comment or feedback below! =)

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