Marvel Legends – Elektra vs Skrull Elektra (2-pack with Ronin)

The Figures

Another throwback Marvel Legends figure from early Hasbro; the 2-pack Elektra variants! They come in a 2-pack with Ronin; you can check out the Ronin variants here.

Both figures are exactly the same except for the green paintwork and different head sculpt.

They even come with the same accessories, except that the normal variant has an alternate Elektra head without the bandana on the head.

>>You can get the 2-pack Elektra/Ronin normal variant here.

You can see that the back of the figure is also the same.


So the difference is of course the skin lol. In the picture above, on the left is the normal version and on the right is the skrull variant with the green skin.

The alternate hands and weapons are also the same.

Above is the alternate head without bandana for the normal variant.


Both of them have the same body mold.

The main difference is the paintwork.

They come with the same set of accessories except for an additional head without bandana for the normal variant.

My Verdict

I dislike this female body mold. Its really scrawny and undersized when compared with the more recent Marvel Legends. The head is also small, especially the one without the bandana.

The hip joints also make it a pain to pose. I’m glad the female body mold in the Infinite series onward are all better.

I wouldn’t recommend getting this Elektra. Get the newer SP//DR BAF Wave Elektra instead!

>>You can get the 2-pack Elektra/Ronin normal variant here.

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