Marvel Legends – Authentic Green Goblin BAF Wave Carnage vs KO Carnage

The Figures

Left: Authentic Carnage Right: KO Carnage

I don’t know why, but for wave one of this Ultimate Green Goblin BAF wave (which includes Spider-man, Superior Spider-man, Black Cat, Carnage, Beetle and Electro) has knock-offs (KO) for each of them. You can actually see the difference in quality of paintwork and plastic when you have them in hand, so if you are getting a loose figure for any one of these characters, do look out for these warning signs whether they are authentic or not.

For Carnage, at a glance, the figure looks identical. However, they are quite a few differences that you can check, and whether they swapped any parts with the authentic version.

Left: Authentic Carnage Right: KO Carnage

The figure does not come with any accessories except the tendrils that can be attached to the back.


Left: Authentic Carnage Right: KO Carnage

First off, the most obvious is the eyes. The authentic has white painted eyes but the KO has silver eyes. The gap of the open mouth is different, with the KO having a wider open mouth as seen in the picture above. The center part of the eyes are also not symmetrical for the KO.

Left: Authentic Carnage Right: KO Carnage

For the legs, the calf swivel joint doesn’t join up smoothly for the KO. They may be gaps or the joining parts are not of exact match as seen in the KO’s left calf.

Left: Authentic Carnage Right: KO Carnage

The KO tendril has that small part which links the two separate tendrils as shown in the picture above. Good to know just in case anyone mixes up the KO tendril with the authentic figure.

Lastly, the red paintwork is also slightly different, but can only be compared when you have both figures in hand. The KO Carnage’s red looks very slightly more pale.


Authentic Carnage:

– white eyes

– mouth does not open so big

– joints connect nicely

– tendril does not have that small extra connecting part

– red paintwork is different


– silver eyes

– mouth opens wider

– joint may have small gap

– tendrils has small part that connects two tendrils together

– red paintwork slightly pale/dull

My Verdict

Get the original of course. Actually, the KO is not a bad stand in figure if you can’t find the authentic one.

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