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Though I started of with the 3.75″ scale Marvel Universe figures, I collected the 6″ scale Marvel Legends as well. At the beginning of this toy collecting hobby of mine back in 2012, I searched high and low for both the Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends figures, even to the extent of buying certain characters twice to keep one carded and open up the other one. A few years down the road, I decided to streamline my collection and just focus on Marvel Legends. I actually still do collect the 3.75″ figures but just those related to Spider-man.

When I started collecting Marvel Legends, it was the era of Hasbro’s “Return of Marvel Legends” series. I soon learnt that Toybiz predates Hasbro in the Marvel Legends toy line and began hunting down the Toybiz figures as well.

The Marvel Legends figure are released in ‘waves’, whereby a wave consist of a set number of characters. Since the introduction of the ‘build-a-figure’ (BAF) concept, the wave is usually called by the BAF character name. For example, if the BAF of the wave is Apocalypse, then that wave is called Apocalypse BAF wave.

Toybiz Marvel Legends

Toybiz helmed the Marvel Legends toy line from 2002 to 2006. The figures were well articulated (at that point of time) and came with accessories like weapons or a base, and also a comic that the character is based on. They came in a clear clamshell packaging, which at times, yellows over age. 2 packs were also released, whereby by the package contains 2 figures. There were also a few boxsets, whereby 4 to 6 figures were packed in a long rectangular box.

As I started collecting only in 2012, I had fun hunting down the Toybiz Marvel Legends. They were still sold by some collectors at reasonable prices, so I managed to get quite a few waves. Some waves however, were harder to find and more expensive, such as the Giant-man BAF wave. At first, I had a ‘completest’ (if there’s such a word.. haha) mentality and tried to collect every single character, but I eventually yielded as it was difficult, and more so that Hasbro Marvel Legends re-released same characters with improvements.

Hasbro Marvel Legends

Hasbro took over the Marvel Legends toyline in 2007, till today. The packaging has changed over the years (unlike Toybiz Marvel Legends which had the same type of packaging all the way). The first few waves of the Hasbro era reused some Toybiz body mould, but new body moulds were also created and some unique Toybiz features like articulated fingers and a free comic per figure were removed.

Hasbro churned out wave after wave till the Fin Fang Foom wave in 2008, before going on a hiatus. The waves from these 2 years (2007/2008) were difficult for me to hunt down and the prices they go for were crazy, especially for a completed BAF (such as Ronan, Fin Fang Foom and Blob BAFs). For the individual figures however, the price seems to have dropped a bit as some characters were re-released since 2014.

‘Return of Marvel Legends’ and ‘Infinite’ series

This was where my collection started. In 2012, Hasbro relaunched their Marvel Legends series, and this series was dubbed ‘Return of Marvel Legends’. It starts off with a BAF-less wave called Epic Heroes, and continues with Terrax, Arnim Zola, Iron Monger, Hit-monkey, Rocket Racoon and Puck. It has a different packaging as compared to the 2007/2008 waves.

At the end of 2014, Hasbro launched a new series called the ‘Infinite’ series. The packaging changed to a clamshell inside a box, instead of clamshell attached to a cardboard backing. I have managed to get almost every figure from the Infinite series and Return of Marvel Legends series. Boxsets of 2, 3, 4, and even 5 figures were also released throughout these years.

I’ve got too many toys!

My toy addiction has grown since 2012. I have been hunting and pre-ordering Marvel Legends these recent years, and toys at home are accumulating and taking up space. I also collect some other toy lines that has Marvel characters, such as Revoltech, S. H. Figuart, Mafex and Comicave.

Due to Hasbro releasing updated figures of characters that they have released before, and my other toy line collection, I have got quite a number of repeat characters (eg. I have a LOT of Spider-man figures with the same classic red/blue costume). The wife at home is already complaining about the amount of toys accumulating, so I have streamlined to just collecting 6″ (1:12) scale figures instead of 3.75″ (1:24) scale figures.

Streamlining – Hasbro vs Toybiz and Hasbro vs Hasbro

With a heavy heart, I parted and sold away most of my 3.75″ Marvel Universe figures. I decided to sell them as articulation and details are rather limited for a small scaled figure. Although I’m left with the 6″ Marvel Legends, I still have a lot of them. My collection is not as massive as other toy collectors that I have seen, but its big enough to take up space, and with Hasbro releasing waves after waves of Marvel Legends, my collection will continue to grow!

So to streamline and to make my toy collection hobby more meaningful, I’ve decided to create this website to do figure comparison between Marvel Legends Hasbro vs Toybiz and even Hasbro vs (earlier version) Hasbro. Sometimes I will compare it with figures from other toy lines as well if I have them.

So do visit this site if you are into Marvel Legends too! If you are deciding which Marvel Legends figure to get, this site might be of help! Make mine marvel!




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